I deliver transformative keynote presentations to inspire leaders to lead lives and organizations infused with courage, character, and connection.

I help women get clear about what they want out of life. Using a strengths focused, inspirational, psycho-dynamic approach, I ask the critical questions that help you remove the barriers that prevent you from having the life and transformative relationships you want. I will walk beside you as you uncover and heal the wounds that keep you from living a life of purpose.

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

It’s time you created the life you’ve been too afraid to claim as your own. Healing, restoration, and transformation are yours. Allow me to help you fulfill your greatest potential. I will give you the tools you need to create the life you were created for. Invest in you! Contact me today. It’s about time!


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Meet Christina Sanford

Are you at a stage in your life where you want more? Have you been living to please others and as a result are living your life on “empty”. Are you sick of coming against the same challenges over and over again in your relationships, friendships, and work connections? Are you struggling to establish and maintain healthy relationships, but can’t pinpoint why you’re not satisfied or fulfilled in the important areas of your life?


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